Our Approach

We like to think of sales like the engine of a car.

All components need to be working properly in order to make the car run. Similarly, all components of the sales process need to be working properly in order to move the business forward. That’s why we take a holistic and mechanical approach to sales and don’t just promote quick tactics but focus on creating a structured system (or a well-oiled machine if you will) that is sustainable and scalable so you can drive it as fast and far as you want.

Using the same analogy, think of Revenue Drivers like the mechanic, and you’re bringing your car in for a check-up. The check engine light went off but you aren’t sure what is not working. We run the diagnosis, check under the hood and make the necessary changes to get you running smoothly.

What We Do

We are a remote sales agency based out of Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in building a sales pipeline. And not through automated gimmicks. We get to understand your business, your industry, and your customers and designed a tailored approach to our proven sales process. We work with the rest of your sales team to create a cohesive sales plan by introducing new systems and providing training. We help your sales team to operate at a 10x efficiency and help them have the right conversations, with the right people. Every time.

You Have a Product or Service, but You’re Struggling with Sales

There are numerous factors affecting sales and salespeople today. Perhaps your market has changed, your resources are limited, you have a junior sales team or no sales team at all. Regardless of your circumstance one thing is clear, you need to generate sales. You’ve exhausted your own options and are looking for outside help.

We Find your Market or Create One

You may have a good understanding of your market or maybe you’re in the process of figuring it out. We work with you to understand your business & your customers and then go out and find them.

Our team has experience selling startup products to large enterprise clients. Through an established prospecting and sales process we can open doors to opportunities you didn’t think were possible.

We work best by filling in the gaps
in the following scenarios


You Have No Sales Team

You’re an entrepreneur or founder that has been responsible for the sales within the business and have committed to uncertain new growth targets or a new market expansion.


You Have Inbound or Junior Sales

You’ve got an inbound channel and are looking at growing the business by adding an outbound channel. The team you have in place is either not experienced or lacks confidence when it comes to outbound sales.


Adapting to Digital Selling

You have a team in place, but market conditions have forced them to sell digitally over email, LinkedIn, and video. You want to get in the game as quickly as possible especially if you can avoid having to learn tons of new technology.

Our Experience

Our experience includes creating go-to-market strategies for start-ups in the technology space to selling to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the industry or size of the company, our process is to understand your market and learn how to sell through it by identifying your value proposition and effectively communicating in a way that resonates and interests your ideal customers. Once the messaging is confirmed, we use an omnichannel approach to create inbound and outbound sales that can be partially automated and maintained by your team.

Our Specialty

Our process has been most successfully implemented by B2B companies who tend to have longer, Enterprise sales cycles, multiple stakeholders and technical products that require educating the customer and pushing innovation in their respective markets.