We specialize in taking complex, technical, engineered solutions serving Enterprise organizations, with multiple stakeholders, who often have conflicting agendas and make them simple.

Our skillsets are best suited for solutions with an entry point of low-mid six figures which often culminate in high- stakes contractual negotiations.

You can currently find our team deployed across the entire energy & chemical manufacturing value chains, introducing solutions to operators, service providers, engineers, IT professionals, regulators, and the C-suite.

AI or Cloud-Based Technology

While this technology isn’t exactly new, its presence in oil, gas, and industrial chemical production is. Many organizations are only at the beginning of their digitization journey and can be resistant to change. While other industries think of technology as computing or digital tools, oil and gas continues to look at technology from the equipment level. We’ve sold AI and cloud-based solutions into this traditional industry and have learned how to navigate, educate and introduce these technologies in a non-threatening way to even get excitement from the operators who were once aggressively against it.

Digital Transformation

One challenge many oil and gas organizations we’ve sold into had was there was no precedence, resources, or plan for digitization. Many were in the beginning stages of mapping out their digital road maps. In most scenarios, this task was dumped on the IT guy, who also wasn’t sure how to approach the project or what elements to consider or plan for. Having worked with world-class data scientists and engineers we understand how to educate your customers on this process and not only sell your product or service but act as a guide to hold their hand through this process to make the experience as simple as possible and oftentimes move up their implementation timelines!


Having sold in the oil and gas space in the US, Canada, and Internationally, we understand how regulation can have a big impact on business. We stay on top of all regulatory news to ensure we can pivot our messaging to suit changing markets. Keeping our pulse on regulatory activity also allows us to create strategic sales opportunities if your product fits the needs.

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